Roof Restoration

Have your roof restored to maintain the value of your property and to prevent expensive, avoidable problems occurring in the future.

Roof painting is a popular and instantly noticeable improvement for home owners and investors to make on their home. So long as it is done correctly by an accredited and licensed tradesman who uses quality products you can be sure it will last a long time.

TruCoat Roofing often use and recommend Dulux AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane. The elasticity and durability is second to none and with Dulux infra cool heat reflective paint your home will stay cooler in summer and may reduce your air conditioning costs. Being Dulux accredited applicators gives you peace of mind knowing that Dulux will give 2 year product guarantee.

Tiled Roof Restoration

Work that is done when we are restoring a tiled roof may include some of all of the following to ensure the roof is left in excellent condition:

  • Inspection of the roof for problems
  • All broken and chipped tiles will be replaced.
  • Pressure cleaned, including gutters.
  • Re-bedding ridges and gables where necessary.
  • Re-point with flexible pointing as needed.
  • Valleys may be either kill-rusted or replaced.
  • Air blown clean with a final inspection before spraying.
  • Steriliser is applied with a anti-fungicide to inhibit re-growth.
  • Solvent based water proof sealer is applied.
  • Two coats of the protective roof membrane is applied
  • Range of colours are available; click here for the colour charts.

Another benefit of roof restoration is that we can apply the Dulux InfraCool coating. This can dramatically decrease the heat radiating into your home via the roof, reflecting up to 90% of the sun’s energy. Surface temperatures can be reduced by 20-40°c and you should see your air-conditioning bills decrease significantly as a result.

Restoring a tiled roof

restoring a tiled roof 01 - before starting
restoring a tiled roof 02 - washed
restoring a tiled roof 03 - painted

Colorbond Roof Restoration

We specialise in roof repairs to damaged or leaky roofs due to wear and tear or roofs that have been poorly installed.

We can replace worn or broken roof ridges and roof tiles, rusty valleys, rusty box gutters, worn metal skilions, and worn or rusty skylights. We can provide cost effective solutions to problems with your roof

There are so many aspects to consider when painting a metal Colorbond roof. It is not worth using an unskilled painter to save a few dollars when you may end up with an unsightly roof that ruins the look of your home.

Colorbond painters may have to do the following when restoring and painting a roof:

  • Replace or de-rust rusty screw heads before painting so rust does not bleed through the paint.
  • Roof might need a coating of an epoxy like Durabuild STE from Dulux on a roof to combat existing rust ruining the paint.
  • Keeping a wet edge at all times when spraying to avoid join marks.

A poorly painted roof is something you will regret every time you pull into your driveway so don’t take the risk, hire a licensed professional.

Restoring a colorbond roof

colorbond roof before restoration
colorbond roof after painting restoration