Roof Restoration Process

This is a typical roof restoration process as demonstrated with Dulux AcraTex. If you have a roof on your home or office in the Brisbane / Sunshine Coast region and would like your roof restored and painted then this is approximately how it is done.

Exact method and repair requirements will vary according to your roof and any issues or faults it has but the general flow is much the same.

Step 1


Roof inspection and preparation by a Dulux Registered Applicator.

Step 2


Good preparation and thorough cleaning of tile and metal roofs is essential for a quality finish prior to sealing or priming and applying a top coat of Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane Next Generation.

Step 3

Re-bed & Re-point

Re-beding and Re-pointing demonstration by a Dulux Registered Applicator.

Step 4


Dulux Registered Applicator demonstrates roof sterilisation prior to priming.

Step 5

Prime Coat

The right choice of Dulux AcaTex Roof Sealer or Primer ensures an even base and adhesion of the membrane coat to the roof surface for tile or metal roofs.

Step 6

Top Coat Membrane

Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane Next Generation is for longer lasting gloss, reduced dirt retention and improved colour retention for both tile and metal roofs.